An action-comedy about seven men too dumb to rule the world, who, nonetheless, do.


Really Decadent Guys is a feature-length action-comedy from Director Angus Kittler Reid's Nature of the Beast Productions. It concerns the misadventures of the eponymous Guys, who have founded a new nation based on the principles of absolute decadence, hedonism, and hanky-panky.

Though they are steering their country into the ground quite well on their own, apparently it cannot happen fast enough for Mr. Colosso, head of local doomsday-device manufacturer the Colosso Corporation, who, after a slight misunderstanding with The Guys, decides to utterly destroy them.

Will he succeed? If you have to ask, YOU DON'T KNOW.
        Really Decadent Guys is finished and now available on DVD. PayPal $8 (eight dollars) to '', and include the name and shipping address. For alternate forms of payment or any questions, contact me.

Also available is the original soundtrack to the film PayPal $7 to the same address, and include mention that it is for the soundtrack, so we don't think you want the DVD and just can't count.

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