About Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art practiced by people around the world, which combines dance, music, acrobatics, and athleticism. It is unique among martial arts due to it being practiced in accompaniment with music.

The emphasis is not on fighting, but on 'playing'. Capoeira is a playful art, and the focus is on having a beautiful flow to the game rather than besting an opponent.

In each class, we start with a warmup that drills the basic movements of the art and prepares the body for the unique movements of capoeira. We then practice moves and string them together into sequences. At most sessions we spend some time learning the songs that accompany the game, singing and learning to play the instruments: the berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, and agogo.





Each class ends with the 'roda', the actual game of capoeira played in pairs in a circle formed by the other capoeiristas, accompanied by live music. The goal is not to strike or hurt one's opponent, but to move with him with a good "flow", forcing him to move in response to your strikes while gracefully evading his.

Here is a video showing two mestres (masters) playing a game:

And here is a nice video showing some advanced solo moves:

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